Special Education Workshop for Special Needs Parents: LIVE!

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Special Education Workshop for Special Needs Parents: LIVE EVENT!

For the last 20 years I have helped special needs parents get a better education for their child. Each year I help parents get thousands of extra dollars of services for their children through IEPs and 504 plans. On May 7th, I want to help you! The special education system can be a crazy place for parents to navigate.  So many rules and everyone telling you something different is the "truth" about what your child needs or what the school has to give them (or not give them) for an "appropriate" education. Together, on May 7th, in Woodstock, IL, we can tackle all of your special education questions. This is not a workshop that you are going to sit in for 2 hours and leave more confused and frustrated than when you walked in. You will bring your child's IEP and get real answers to your questions as I walk you through what REALLY needs to happen in your child's special education program. Reserve Your Seat for 2 power hours of IEP help for your special needs child!  
Special Education Help for Special Needs Parents
  • Bring Your Child's IEP
  • Learn What Should be in Your Child's Education Plan
  • Learn What Should NOT be in Your Child's Education Plan
  • Take Home Checklists & Tools to Help You Advocate for Your Child
  • Get Specific Answers About Your Child's IEP
  • Find Out How to Get More Services for Your Child
  • Find Out How to Be an Equal Member of the Special Education Team
  • Find Out What Your Child REALLY Needs to Learn in School
Spectrum Support LLC - 1575 West Lake Shore Drive Woodstock, IL 60098


If you have questions, please email Catherine HERE

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