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Dear Special Needs Family...It's ok that you want more! You want more. You NEED more. Your family deserves more. Yes, I know, it's Thanksgiving week and we should appreciate what we have and I do! I'm sure you do too. The thing is, just because you appreciate what you have, doesn't mean you can't have more. I learned that many years ago when I was in a small group women's bible study. Being content doesn't mean settling. It means that you aren't miserable with what you have. You love where you are in life. However, you are also ready to move forward. There was a time, when my daughter's health was so poor that I couldn't imagine having more, being more, living more. I'm so grateful that I had people surrounding me that reminded me that there was more to life than what was happening to our family. Not all of us have those encouraging people in our life. In fact, in our special needs community, negativity, scarcity, fear, and being fight mode is the norm. It really doesn't have to be. You can rise and seek more. More education for your child. You got it. More health for your family. You got it. More options to work from home. Absolutely. Here's some things you can access right now to start working towards more for your family. First, don't forget to download your FREE: 7 Key IEP Phrases for Parents. The link is at the top of this page. Then check out IEP Boot Camp ONLINE for Parents. (Yes, you can receive 24/7 IEP help for less the $100 for an entire YEAR.) iepbootcamp.com Last, but definitely not least, just recently I decided to share with you about my daughter's special needs journey. (I was a special needs sibling, teacher, and advocate WAY BEFORE I had kids.) Check out how you can shop, work and live better with me! Click on the shop, work, live, in the menu right here on the site. Don't ever hesitate to ask me questions, my door is always open.  Psssst.....watch your email later this week. I'm cooking up some more IEP help for you! With Hope & Love, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed IEP Advocate, Team Leader. Believer in You

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