Standardized Tests Don't Define My Daughter

Special Needs Success

  My kids just both came home with letters saying they are on the HONOR ROLL...YES!!!! But I want to make something VERY clear... One of my daughters who made honor roll, scores low on her standardized tests that are measuring with Common Core standards. She's an honor roll student with below grade level standardized testing and....I don't care! Life is not about standardized tests. My kiddo can take in information, learn what's important, and do what she needs to do to get the job done in the classroom.   She may never take standardized tests well. They may never show her true strengths and weaknesses and that's OK. Don't ever stress about one test, one measurement, one judgement of your child's abilities. Your child is a whole person and we need to look at the whole picture.   Yes, I'll watch the areas she scored low fact, I already knew these areas were a struggle. Hey, we're the expert on our kids, right parents? I'll watch, I'll monitor and I'll continue to cheer her on as she learns to use her strengths to compensate for her weaknesses. Woohoo!!! I'm thinking it's time to celebrate with some ice cream! Get more help at

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