Stop Fighting the School & Get Results

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What are you really fighting for in your child's IEP? Is it really going to make a huge impact in your child's long term outcome? If it is, then go for it! If it not, then let's refocus on the most important changes we can make to change your child's future. So many times parents want 30 more minutes of a a therapy or an intervention for their child. The school and the parents are knocking heads over 30 minutes, when really what is needed is a better outcome in the skill that is under concern. 30 minutes more therapy is not always the answer! Sometimes we can get twice the results in 1/2 the amount of time, if we change the approach of what is being done during intervention time.
Parents...focus on the results that are needed then find as many creative ways you can think of to get there. Then you don't have to get stuck fighting with the school on one solution. Need more help finding the solutions to stop the fighting and get results? Join me TODAY!

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