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CatherineWhitcher.com (1)The minute you say you want to observe your child in their classroom, teachers freak out.  They really think the observation is about them.  Now, as the parent, you might be thinking, well, YES it is about you and your classroom. No, really it's not.  That's the problem. You see, the teacher is probably a great teacher (most are) and her classroom is probably awesome (again, most are).  The issue is... is the teacher and classroom and overall program the right fit for your child to receive the education they need. It's not about the teacher. It's about your child and their needs. If you can flip the switch in your mind on why you are going to observe AND express the new perspective to the teacher, you will actually get a much more honest observation. You need to express to the teacher about wanting to observe so you can:
  • See how your child interacts with the class & environment
  • See what needs may not be getting met
  • Encourage the teacher that you are their advocate too.  They can't do their job to their best ability if they don't have the right supports, tools, materials, staff and yes... even sometimes the mix of kids can make or break a classroom.
Your teacher has probably been burned by a parent observing in the past.  Don't be that parent that burns the teacher, do what you have to do to advocate for better things, if necessary, but don't throw the teacher under the bus. Help her advocate for a better classroom that she can help your child and more children thrive. Ready for more help to advocate for a better program and services for your child? Join the Special Needs Education Help Center and get started today!

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