TRASH the Old Fashioned IEP Goals!

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Went on a walk this morning and when I got back THESE were at my mailbox.  Yellow pages... who uses these anymore? NOT ME and not my kids (middle schoolers).  I don't even know if they know what a yellow page book is! Thinking about what a waste of money, time, energy, trees these books are for most people, put me on the path to getting fired up about all of the old fashioned, out of date, ridiculous IEP goals I see EVERY year. Your child's IEP needs to meet their unique needs and this means preparing your child for the future. You cannot prep your child for the future if we are focusing on skills that will never be used. I call these "old skills"... bonus skills.img_4374-1.jpg If your child learns how to count coins, that's a bonus.  Dollars, budgeting, rounding, those are much more important than penny, nickel, dimes and quarters. If your child learns how to tell time on an analog clock, that's a bonus.  Hello, we live in a digital world and your child will have a phone, tablet or some kind of device with them probably for the rest of their life.  I know I will! Learning calendars, schedules, and time management is more important than big hands and little hands. You absolutely have a say in what goals your child is working on in their IEP.  Never worry about not being the "educational expert" at the table.  Bring a dose of common sense to the table and share with the team that it's time to get rid of the old fashioned goals and prepare for the future with USABLE skills! With Hope & Determination, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed Ready to get the best IEP goals possible for your child? JOIN ME TODAY in the Special Needs Education Help Center!

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