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WAIT! It's IMPORTANT! Don't forget to write this down. — Get it in writing. I probably say that exact phrase 10x a day. I've been an IEP advocate for 20 years and it's always the first step when a parent tells me things aren't what they seem.

In fact, I'm writing in my planner (old school paper planner) and my first two things I have to do on this Monday is help parents get their meetings that happened today in writing. It's for everyone's benefit. They had great meetings with staff in an informal setting, but now we need to document. There needs to be PROOF these conversations happened.

I know you have piles of papers and oodles of emails, keep going. Keep getting everything in writing. I hope you never have to look through the hundreds of notes your making and taking, but creating the paper trail is so important for your child's education.

I can feel the energy in the air of the new year coming. Can you? There's absolutely no reason that 2017 can't be the year your child has breakthroughs. So let's get 2016 in the books. Get everything in writing. Finish strong and BELIEVE in 2017 being the best year ever.

With Hope and Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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