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  • Saroja on

    Hi I have my son has autism and is self contained class room.i had recently changed his school .i have feel the school just ignore if the kid is non verbal and in self contained plus when he had no behavioral issue after repeated asking for home work I was denied only once in a blue moon that too higher level bcoz he was youngest in grade 1other kids older than him but by 3 grade he developed very aggressive behaviour then I became proactive .Now at 5 th grade I changed school this year only I was able to get them drop many useless goals they were running.But I have to check what goals to add .my son also has apraxia so at age 7 1/2 he started verbalizing few words , reading and writing I din’t want to loose his emerging skills .They use to say in first grade even typical kids don’t get homework.But in new school I am telling them to give work sheets of what they are doing also I send his practice sheets from home but I am not still satisfied with the goals they are selecting and I don’t have idea to shape his emerging skills.While I also want the speech therapist to keep a folder to send the sounds words practiced and what to practice at home .I dint know even speech therapist are also supposed to send one bcoz all this while the main teacher also refused to send anything then they started making excuse of his aggression .While since this year I started using touch que which really helped him articulating better now I feel he likes making request verbally than using iPad.I now have problem with his New ABA company I feel they are running small kid goals and won’t help in reading or writing or helping shaping speech they just Mand him with candies and use such cards what you eat, where you sleep etc picture cards which he knows .They say they decide on goals and when he masters they say he should get consecutive correct in 3 sessions and I feel he knows and sometimes if he doesn’t pick correc5 one from the pile he seems to be bored or in retaliation so I would say he knows this answer he did it before but they say it be consistent I don’t know why they are aiming for 100%.so after they leave I try to teach what I want but it affects his sleep time.How to bring ABA school everyone on same page.I sometimes feel to home school but he is the only child and I myself have ailments. Thank You

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