What to say when your IEP team has LIMITED RESOURCES...

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Need more strategies on how to work with your child's IEP team to get MORE?


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    Yes I like the link

  • Mandy Morgan on

    Yes, i need the link.

  • Alicja on

    I feel like I met teachers who are just are like robots and they do not want to take the time to get to know my son, or just they do not care. If you ask them for help they just brushing you off.

  • VIcki Hanlon on

    Just moved son to new school after he was miserable, making zero progress and manipulating system for 2 yrs. Jack is extrmely smart and knows how to get what he needs – no matter what the cost may be to him . He was unhappy at this school after moved out of mink into “general ed”/ mainstreamed.
    I fought this system, weekly, I had no idea how to manipullate literally it. I knew it had to be just like a hospital that I could manipulate with right words (u mention this).
    Anyway, got him to new school, both of us ecstatic. No problems till last friday. He was kinda off from being sick. He put shirt in potty knowing they would call
    me to take home (I did not have change of clothes there, he does not do this at home).
    So, he wanted to go home , unsure why. But now that it has been reinforced. Scared this will happen now if he desciedes he isn’t happy after a a brief encounter .
    Have had multiples ba , bap’s .. hoping you may have some insight to this issue as I do not believe he is unhappy there/ has more 1:3, less transistion, para, etc.
    If you have an idea , could you also help with the words I need to get this implemented in his IEP.
    Whole other issues (last school had a 45 page iep- have not begun process of re-eval if as Believe new school needs to get to know him better .
    Thx Vicki
    PS- amazed at all I’m learning . Why No one would help or point me here still baffles me.

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