When Opinions Hurt

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Being a special needs parent you are making a ridiculous amount of choices.  Almost every minute of every day it feels like you are making choices that will change your child's entire future. You've done your research on amazon and google.  You've asked all your fellow special needs moms about their choice and then that moment comes... you make your choice. Then out of nowhere, everyone has an opinion! You didn't choose the same therapy that the other parent chose. You chose the same therapy, but chose a different clinic. You chose to do no therapy for a little bit and just take a break. You chose.... what you feel is best for your child! Then, you continue to research... did you make the right choice? People start sending you articles debunking what you sure was the next positive step for your child.  Your doubt sets in or maybe you put up a wall so you don't have to see and hear it. How do I know deep down in my heart that this happens to you? Because it happens to me.  My daughter needs REAL food to stay seizure free.  I'm always looking for new ways to get nutrients in her body and help her feel the best she can feel.  Today I made a new recipe (which is like choosing a whole new therapy when you use food to heal).  Someone who I love dearly, who is close to me, sent me an article to debunk my new food choice.  It hurt. So I got angry, then I cried, then I remembered... I know my daughter best.  I know what our family needs to feel healthy and to live to our potential everyday.  So I'll stick with my choice.  I'll try and explain to the person why what they did hurt me and then I'll move on loving this person. To all the moms and dads who are making choices today, who are going to be sent articles that support and debunk your choices for your kids, listen to your heart.  Those who love you, will support you, even when they don't understand. Love, Catherine

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