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Writing letters over and over can be boring.  Same goes for flash cards.  As a former special needs teacher and current IEP advocate, I'm always looking for awesome tools that make learning more interesting for students at home. Do you remember Wikki Stix as a kid (maybe I'm aging myself!)  I have two daughters (12 & 13 years old) who loved to play with these just a few years ago.  In fact, I took them on a plan after reading somewhere that you could make art with them by sticking the Wikki Stix on to the seat in front of you.  Yep! It worked! This set of cards that Amazon has paired with Wikki Stix will give you one more way to encourage your kiddo to learn the shapes of the alphabet without having to trace over and over and over or use flash cards in a standard way.  Bonus... no worries when you fabulous, creative child starts sticking the Wikki Stix on to other objects to trace and outline, clean up is super easy. This is the perfect set to get started!

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