Yes! You Can Get These Things in Your Child's IEP!

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Yes! You can Ask for these things at school! Yes! It's possible!

If your child needs a homework plan, movement breaks, technology, and/or a communication plan from school to home... you need to get these things in writing.

Has your child ever been denied recess because their work was not complete.  Fix it with the IEP.

Has your child ever cried for hours over homework? Fix it with the IEP.

Has your child ever struggled to stay organized, express themselves, or need to practice their rote skills over and over? Fix it in the IEP.

Has your child ever been unable to describe what has happened in their day? Fix it in their IEP.

Of course, each of these supports is decided on an individual basis.  The most important thing you should know is that supports like these ARE possible! Need help getting these supports?  Get the help you need to make it happen in the Special Needs Education Help Center... we can get started today!

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  • Kris on

    How and where do you add a communication log into the IEP

  • Catherine Whitcher on

    Hi Lisa, I totally get what you are saying. What you are describing happens often as children get older. Teams need to understand that supports are not “babying” her. Helping parents format letters to get results is exactly what we are doing in the Special Needs Education Help Center… come join us!

  • Lisa Littrell on

    How should my email be stated when I want to have a plan for communication? I want to have a spiral notebook for each class (teacher). I would like it to state what she did in class, what is expected for homework, and will there be an upcoming test or quiz. This way, it will lessen my need to email the teachers frequently when my daughter (who has Moderate Dyslexia and Mixed Receptive and Expressive Language Disorder) can’t remember or give details about what went on in her classes. Communication was a big hardship last year on us with the school. They felt that my daughter, with a known disability and her weaknesses… should be held accountable for knowing everything she did in class (5 classrooms with 5 different teachers) and what was for homework. Now I’m not trying to baby her but the school should be working with us and not against us.

    Lisa Littrell

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