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Special Needs Parents compete with each other, ALL THE TIME. It's an ugly truth that many won't even admit.  Who's going to more therapies, volunteering more, trying the next biomed solution, flying to the next specialist, fighting for the best IEP... who is doing is better.

Here's the deal. You love your child and you need to have the confidence to stay in your own lane and make your best choices.  Yes, you need to learn from the other parents, but you don't need to compete. You see, your child doesn't need the solutions the other parents are finding, they need the solutions you decide are best for them. 

So stop competing and start enjoying your special needs journey (did you just gag?).  I know, enjoy the journey sounds so ridiculous, yet so does the concept of "enjoy your kids while they are young because they grow up too fast". It's all true.  

You're not going to have these moments ever again. So do your research, learn from others and then make your decisions. Adjust as you need to, but whatever you do... don't ever feel like you are in competition with other special needs families.  Your child is going to be just fine because they have you and YOU were destined to be their parent. You know best.

Love Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

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