Your Child is Unique & That Doesn't Require a Label

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Let's face it - half the parents of kids in school are fighting for their children to be recognized as individuals and the other half of parents are fighting for their children to be like everyone else. How did we get to this crazy place in education!?! You know your child is unique.  It doesn't matter if your child is labeled with how they are different or if your child is simply your child without a label. Your child is unique. So when we use the public school to educate our children, they are put into a group, taught as a group, expected to perform as a group and it drives us, as parents nuts.  We know not all children are the same, but they are being treated the same. Then on the flip side, sometimes as parents, we do everything possible to make sure our children aren't different.  They have the right clothes, the right supplies, and we help them get the right answers so they can be like everyone else. If that doesn't happen then there's a hunt for a label.  Your child must be different because they fit a label, right? Wrong! Maybe your child is just different because that's how we are all designed. Even if they have a label of a specific disability, they are still uniquely them.  Not every quirk, delay, overachievement needs to have a label to be justified.  You already have the perfect label for your child and it's their name. It's almost impossible for a child to be themselves in school, with or without a label because there is such a push to be like everyone else.  Children who do get singled out as needing individualized attention then get shamed with the words of needing special education. I see special education differently... special education is the pass that a teacher needs to teach a child the way they need to be taught.  If a special education team is doing their job effectively and taking advantage of all of their options to customize a child's education, they could be giving each of their students the customized education that other parents of "typical" kids will never see. Think about it... instead of worrying about how your child is different than the general education classroom, maybe it's time to take advantage of having resources to individualize your child's education that other parents will never get. I always tell parents (and sometimes I have to remind staff), nobody planned on sitting at the IEP table.  This isn't how parents imagined collaborating with the school team, but as long as we have to be here... let's make the most of it and do it right! With Hope & Determination, Catherine Join Me in the ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Special Needs Education Help Center your Child is Unique and that doesn't require a label

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