Become an IEP Coach
Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Become an IEP Coach

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Mentorship Starts April 9th

GET Ready to Become the IEP COACH Your Community NEEDS!

For the past 21 years I have been sitting at IEP tables coaching parents and teams how to find solutions to create meaningful education plans for all children.  I've been securing tens of thousands of dollars of services every year for students and you can help!  It's not even close to IEP season yet and my voicemail is FULL. I have a waiting list 8 weeks long.  Bottom line... we NEED more IEP coaches! 

Special Needs Parents in your community need help navigating the IEP process. This does not mean that you need to know the answers to everything, but you do need to know how to find the answers when they are needed. 

During our IEP Coach Mentorship, here are just a FEW things I will teach you:

  • How to prep parents for IEP meetings
  • How to help parents get what their child needs with less conflict
  • How to write parent advocacy letters
  • How to know when you should be at a meeting and when you shouldn't

In addition, you are going to learn how to GET PAID for your time and expertise!

You don't need a degree to be an IEP Coach, but you do need to be skilled in what you do. If you do your job right, as an IEP Coach, you will save parents hours and hours of time and a significant amount of money.  Your goal as an IEP Coach is to walk parents through the IEP process and help them feel confident in being an equal member of the IEP team.  

During our IEP Coach Mentorship, I will also teach you the business side of "things", including:

  • How to find clients
  • How to be the expert in your community
  • How to get teachers & admin to actually WANT you at their meetings
  • How to decide what to charge
  • How to determine when you should and should not take on a new client 
  • How to use social media & community events to build your client list

I'm holding nothing back... In fact, I'm even going to give you the EXACT checklists and tools you need to start talking with parents and showing your expertise.  By the end of your mentorship you will have 7 tools that you can start using immediately to HELP FAMILIES!

Become an IEP Coach Mentorship Schedule:

  • We will begin on April 9th and end on May 21st  (6 weeks)
  • EVERY WEEK I will teach you BOTH IEP & BUSINESS Strategies
  • Receive up to 3 hours of mentoring each week, but you can go at your own pace 
  • All Lessons will be recorded so you can watch again & again
  • At the end of the mentorship you will have the opportunity to continue to be mentored in an ongoing monthly group with fellow IEP Coaches who have completed the mentorship

My email inbox is overflowing with parents who need help looking through their child's IEP. When you join me for this mentorship starting on April 9th, 2018, you will be prepared to start taking your own calls in May! This is perfect timing for you to get the tools and critical information you need to help parents decide if the school year has been successful, is their child making progress and how do they tackle their parent concerns with the team before the end of school year slips by. Most importantly, you'll be ready to help with end of the school year IEP meetings and summer school decisions, which are the most stressful for parents and teams.

Let's work together and change our community, one IEP at a time.

I'm beyond excited to help you help families who need this support!

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

IMPORTANT: I am not a lawyer and will not be giving legal advice. I do not teach how to file state complaints or file due process. This mentorship will focus solely on strategies to support families through the IEP process who are NOT in critical situations. This mentorship is right for you ONLY if you are looking to support families who need to know how to be an equal member of the team through positive interactions, creating appropriate paper trails and knowing what questions to ask to get the results the child needs. Our focus will be on collaboration and using tools take IEPs in your community to the next level of helping students achieve. 

OPTION: 3 Payment Plan
You can choose to split your registration fee into a payment plan, HERE. 

P.S. Our last 3 mentorships have SOLD OUT! Space is limited to make sure YOU get what you need to be the IEP Coach  your community NEEDS!


  • TWO VIRTUAL MASTERMINDS ADDED - Get Ready for Busy IEP Season! 
  • TWO MORE Full Weeks Added at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Total of 6 weeks of Mentorship.
  • High Level Social Media Training to Help You Launch in Your Community

***What IEP Coach Mentorship Graduates are Saying***



"Catherine Whitcher has gone above and beyond delivering this course! She has organized it in such away that you know what to expect and where to find it. I feel like Catherine was the missing puzzle piece that I needed in order to make my dream of helping parents come true!" - Courtney Burnette, AZ


"Before signing up I didn't know if this was for me. But what I did know is that private therapy, advocating for my son, helping others, spreading awareness, aiding others when in a time of need was all that I had a passion for. So I knew that being lead by a great teacher is exactly what I needed to make this passion come to life. I am excited to be on this adventure but profoundly grateful to be lead by a leader Catherine Whitcher that I have such trust in with my whole 💙. I knew when I first met her that she was one I wanted to be like. Great information, full of great ideas, but done it in a way where the IEP team can still work together, but at the same time get important things done. I enjoy being fueled by Catherine with knowledge! Knowledge is Power!" -Tessa Quinlan, IL 



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