Business Consulting

Reaching over 100,000 families per week in the Special Needs Community, Catherine provides strategic insights for businesses both service and product based to reach out to the Special Needs Community.

Results Speak

Premier Wellness Chiropractic began working with Catherine to improve their reach into the overall community, including the Special Needs community.  Through weekly consulting PWC doctors are effectively building their social media presence and increasing their traffic both offline and online within the first 3 weeks. 




Total Spectrum Care brought Catherine on-site twice within 4 weeks to maximize the impact of helping families.  Catherine trained Total Spectrum Care on how to advocate better within the school system for the families they serve.  Upon return, Catherine worked directly with the customers of Total Spectrum Care.  Catherine's knowledge from being a Special Education Advocate for the past 20 years brings value to the clients, in turn, Total Spectrum Care is known as an elite provider in the community that cares beyond what families expect. Total Spectrum Care was featured throughout Catherine's Social Media Channels for maximum exposure and community outreach.


Catherine collaborates nationwide with providers who are providing valuable services to the community.


To discuss Catherine provide social media consulting and assisting you in reaching into the Special Needs Community to further serve families email [email protected] 

Social Media Strategy Consulting for Businesses May Include:

  • Onsite Training
  • Virtual Training
  • Target Market Research Training: Copywriting, Connection, Content
  • Content Creation Strategies: Post, Video Topic, Image, Quotes
  • Opt In Creation: Training for Opt In to build email list and community communication
  • Training: Client Care Concepts through Social Media for Maximum Impact
  • Technical: Page Setup, Social Tools, Effective Links
  • Promotion: Like Ad Training/Creation, Boosted Post Training, Cost objectives/budget
  • Growth Strategies: Maximum online impact for both online/offline growth
  • Development of Online Culture, Community, Brand
Platforms that may be included: Facebook, Instagram, Blog, Newsletter