Change My Child's IEP: Video Series

video cover Dear Parents... You know your child best... let's go get your child a better education! For over 20 years I've been special needs betters get a better education for their child.  Special education programs and IEPs are extremely helpful and effective in helping your child learn...  if you know how to use them.  If you've ever felt unheard, unnoticed, unimportant during your child's IEP meeting...It's time for change. If you are worried about your child's future and you aren't sure if your child's IEP is focused in the right direction.  It's time for change. If you feel that your child has an "ok" education, then it's time to take it to the next level.  If your child's team is willing to work with you. AWESOME! That's take advantage of the teamwork environment and push your child's education further. If you are frustrated with your child's education, confused on why the team is making certain decisions, or you don't feel like an equal member of the IEP team.  It's time for you to put together an action plan to change your child's education One of the best things I hear from parents all the time when I'm teaching them how to advocate is "I always knew I could do more, I just didn't know HOW.  Thank you for teaching me HOW to change my child's education." In the past, I've only offered private IEP advocacy services or live workshops & webinars. With the demand for a better education for ALL children, it's time to give you access to IEP help when you need it most.  On demand.  Instant access. Change My Child's IEP: Video Series Includes 10 videos and ACTION steps to change your child's education. 1. The REAL purpose of your child's education. It's not what you think and it will change how you advocate, forever. Action Step: Parent Input Statement 2. IEP Meeting Notes: Critical Points to Implement Your Child's IEP.  Action Step: How to Improve IEP Meeting Notes for Success 3. Present Levels of Performance, Annual Goals & Objectives.  Action Step: How to Decide What Goals Should Be in YOUR Child's IEP. 4. Accommodations & Modifications.  Actions Step: How to define real supports for your child. 5. Therapies, Amount of Services, Aide Support.  Action Step: Define support services to ensure your child gets their services in full. 6. Data, Testing, Standardized & Curriculum Based assessments.  Action Step: How to fix your child's IEP so they are not melting down during assessments and make sure your team is gathering meaningful data. 7. Placement, What is really available to Your Child.  Action Step: Discover Your Child's Full Continuum of Placement Options 8. Advocacy Letters.  Action Step: Learn how to write clear advocacy letters that trigger action from your child's IEP team! 9. Technology and Common Core. Action Step: Learn how to get more technology in your child's day and avoid Common Core pitfalls. 10. Leadership & Team Building.  Action Step: Be Respected as the Expert on Your Child. BONUS VIDEO:  Q&A session with parents who have watched this video series and have specific questions on how to implement.  I'll go into even more depth on HOW to change your child's education, even in the sticky situations.

BONUS ADVOCACY LETTERS:  Instant Access to Advocacy letters that I use with my private 1:1 advocacy clients.  These letters can change your child's education!  Use these templates to ask for more services and trigger your IEP team to take action.

MARCH 2016 BONUS: A 30 MINUTE IEP PHONE CONSULT TO DISCUSS YOUR CHILD'S IEP AND CREATE AN ACTION PLAN IS INCLUDED WITH YOUR VIDEOS! must use your consult within 30 days of purchasing your videos/consult.  My schedule is going to be slammed this spring with private advocacy clients, so you have to take advantage of the time in my calendar, NOW.  After you make your purchase, I'll email you and set up a time that works for both of us and I'll send you a few questions I'll need you to answer before our consult.  I'll even send you an email follow up  and action plan from our consult so you don't have to worry about taking notes when we talk.

ALL VIDEOS + ALL BONUSES + 30 Minute IEP Advocacy Consult with IEP action plan = $77

          Legal Disclaimer: Catherine Whitcher does not give legal advice.  All advocacy decisions are your own.