CLASS: IEP Goal Writing for Special Needs Parents


Welcome to IEP Goal Writing for Parents!

All of your class materials are below.
  1. Live class (1 hour)
  2. Parent Q&A (25 minutes)
  3. Bonus Materials
First, watch the live class below.  Next, watch the Q&A.  Then download the bonus materials.   IMPORTANT: Do NOT share files/videos/passwords.  Honesty and integrity are very important for us to work together.
Copyright Notice: Catherine Whitcher. All rights reserved. Do not copy, share, transcribe or use any of the content in these files/videos in any way without the express written permission of the owner. Which includes taking this training and sharing with parents who are not part of the program. There are many options for parents to get help with their special education needs at

Click to Download: Bonus Materials, Advocacy Letters/Emails, Advocacy Phrases & IEP Goal Checklist

    If you need additional help after class, please join us at the Special Needs Education Help Center. Remember, the school system is broken, but your child's education doesn't have to be! Best, Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed