IEP Video Replay PLUS 5 Advocacy Tools for Teachers & Parents

Yes! Here it is!

You can watch the IEP Webinar Replay at this link:

All you have to do is click the link and look for the pinned post at the top of my Facebook page.  If you don't see me, hit refresh and I'll be there, promise! 

The IEP Advocacy Tools I'll use during the workshop are at this link, click here.

Seriously... The entire advocacy bundle, 5 Tools to Add to Your Advocacy Tools Box are yours at that link. If you have time to download and print them before you watch the video... Awesome! If not, no freaking out... they will be there for you when you're ready. Just take notes and go download the tools after the workshop. 

If you have questions that I don't get to during our workshop, you can join me in a private facebook group and get access to 4 FULL advocacy classes PLUS monthly webinars PLUS weekly Q&A for only $27, CLICK HERE.

I can't wait to work with you!

See you soon...

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed
Creating Meaningful IEPs with Parents & Teachers for Over 20 Years