Onsite Trainings for Schools

Now scheduling onsite trainings for schools for Winter & Spring 2017.
Topics May Include:
  • Inclusion
  • IEP Collaboration
  • Writing Meaningful IEPs
  • Behavior Plans & Strategies
  • IEP Boot Camp for Staff and/or Parents

"Catherine Whitcher presented an Inclusion Training for all staff that provided tips and techniques that the staff were able to implement immediately.  We also consulted with Catherine to be on-site in our special education program where she provided create ways to use our resources.  Catherine has the ability to bring a perspective to the situation where she becomes a bridge between school, student, and parents needs.     Her insights, ability to reach multiple members of the team and experience makes her a key resource for our district."  
Melissa Geyman
Director of Special Education
North Boone School District



Just wanted to give you a quick update. We met as a team just this past week, about 1 month after implementing the new plan you helped create. I am so happy to report that the team is no longer seeing ANY of the behaviors Eli was exhibiting before! He is engaged and making huge gains on his goals! He is keeping his hearing aid in all day and requires fewer breaks because of all the natural ones set in his schedule! I knew he could do it, we just needed someone to come in and help us execute a plan! Thank you for your help!! -Inclusion Client



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