Onsite Trainings for Schools

Dear Special Education Team,

Thank you for your interest in my professional development services for your district.
Below is a sampling of the offerings I can provide for your school, teachers,
paraprofessionals, conference, and professional development days. However, please 
know that these topics are a starting point to customizing what is needed in your district
for your staff regarding special education.  All trainings, meetings, and materials will be
customized to meet your most urgent concerns and provide long-term solutions for your teams. 

Consulting, Coaches & Professional Development Trainings:

  • Student & Teacher Observations- Finding Solutions in the Trenches
  • IEP Paperwork Reviews for Clarity & Concerns
  • Inclusion & Co-Teaching Trainings
  • Full Continuum of Placement Reviews 
  • IEP Creation for the 21st Century (Focused on goals, supports, tools)
  • IEP  & Team Meeting Attendance (virtual & in person)
  • Paraprofessional Trainings

Parent Involvement

We know in special education that parents are the key to success, implementation 
and moving forward. Each district has their own comfort level of how involved I become with parents. I highly recommend when I am brought in to "work in the trenches" with teams
and students, that I am also given access to parents. Learning parent concerns and bridgin
the gap between school and home is a key piece to keeping the child first and the 
stress level lowered. 

A typical work flow when I am brought onsite to work directly with teams to problem solve 
in the classroom & school campus:

  • Parent & Teams are informed by district I will be onsite.
  • Parent signs release for me to receive IEP/file documentation.
  • Email & Phone prep with team for visit.
  • Day One: I review the child's school day, meet the team, observe, learn team concerns, review district resources, create a plan. 
  • Evening; I speak with parent by phone or in person. 
  • Day Two: Bring it all together with new solutions from Day 1 team & parent work.
  • Optional: I attend IEP meeting by phone post onsite visit to ensure new documentation reflects what is working, what is not working and next steps.  

BONUS: When this structure is followed, IEP meetings tend to be shorter, more 
collaborative and forward thinking. The trust and hope for the entire IEP team is restored, 
which is extremely beneficial to the child. 

NOTE: My visit is not exclusive to one case at a time, I can work on 2-3 cases per building per day, if needed. 

Bio & Experience

For the past 22 years, Catherine has been designing IEPs that WORK! Inspired by her 
brother who has Down syndrome, she became a certified special education teacher. With 
both a Bachelor's and Master's in special education, Catherine taught in the classroom 
and has a full understanding of the realities inside of the school system. Due to high 
demand as a consultant, Catherine left the classroom to bring real world solutions to 
districts, parents and teams across the country.  

Creating meaningful education plans that make sense for our 21st Century students is a 
key focus of Catherine's trainings.  By simplifying the IEP process for both staff and 
parents, teams see desired outcomes faster than ever thought possible.

Catherine both travels the country and works virtually. Below are just a few of her 
latest accomplishments: 

  • Onsite in Paris, KY - 2 Day Onsite Problem Solving in the Trenches
  • Inclusion, Co-Teaching, Paraprofessional Training, Paris, KY
  • Inclusion, Co-Teaching, Paraprofessional Training, Poplar Grove, IL
  • Onsite in Poplar Grove, IL - 4 Day Onsite Problem Solving
  • Inclusion & Co-Teaching, Galena, IL 
  • Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network Conference Speaker
  • Down Syndrome Alliance of the Midlands Conference Speaker
  • TACA - Autism Conference Speaker
  • Founder of the Online IEP Help Center for Parents
  • Creator of National IEP Training program for collaborative approaches


Shella Sams, EdS
Director of Special Education
Bourbon County Schools
859-987-2180, ext 1120


Melissa Geyman
Director of Special Education
North Boone School District
(815) 765-3322






"Catherine Whitcher presented an Inclusion Training for all staff that provided tips and techniques that the staff were able to implement immediately.  We also consulted with Catherine to be on-site in our special education program where she provided create ways to use our resources.  Catherine has the ability to bring a perspective to the situation where she becomes a bridge between school, student, and parents needs.     Her insights, ability to reach multiple members of the team and experience makes her a key resource for our district."  
Melissa Geyman
Director of Special Education
North Boone School District



Just wanted to give you a quick update. We met as a team just this past week, about 1 month after implementing the new plan you helped create. I am so happy to report that the team is no longer seeing ANY of the behaviors Eli was exhibiting before! He is engaged and making huge gains on his goals! He is keeping his hearing aid in all day and requires fewer breaks because of all the natural ones set in his schedule! I knew he could do it, we just needed someone to come in and help us execute a plan! Thank you for your help!! -Inclusion Client



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