Special Needs Education Help Center for Parents

Your child with special needs deserves an education that helps them reach their potential.  

I'll help you fix your child's IEP without fighting with the school. 

The Special Needs Education Help Center is Perfect for Every Special Needs Parent Who Wants:

  • Help walking through the tough IEP decisions
  • Confidence your child's education is meaningful
  • More communication between school and home
  • Better IEP goals that really prepare your child for the future
  • The IEP team to really "get" your child and understand their needs
  • Your Voice to be heard without fighting the school
  • Prepare your child for further education, employment, independent living

A NOTE FROM CATHERINE WHITCHER, M. Ed: Dear Special Needs Parents, Many years ago I was a certified teacher and I broke all of the rules.  I told you, the parent, the truth about your child's education.  I would teach by day and coach parents by night on how to get more for their children.  I left the classroom after just a few years and have been working for you, the parent, for the past 20 years. The Special Needs Education Help Center will help you be your child's best advocate.  IEP advocacy really doesn't have to be complicated and overwhelming.  In fact, we can change your child's education in just one hour a month, if you are willing to take the steps!

Every Month you are part of the Special Needs Education Help Center, you will receive:

  1. A Monthly Online IEP Class with videos (see schedule below)
  2. Monthly Checklists to Get Results in 15 minutes or less
  3. LIVE video interaction with Catherine in a Private Facebook Group
  4. Weekly Q&A - Get answers for YOUR Child in our Private Group direct from Catherine

Join The Special Needs Education Help Center Today and Get Instant Access to the Special Education Help You Need!

All Access to Special Needs Education Help for only $27 month to month membership

Your Special Education Help Center membership is month to month…If you join on the 5th of the month, you will be automatically billed on the 5th of the next month, unless you cancel.

BONUS #1: Get HELP 24/7 in the IEP Toolbox VAULT

In the IEP Vault, you get access to all of the tools I've been using for the last 20 years to get results for my 1:1 IEP advocacy clients. BONUS Advocacy Letters & Emails:  In the Special Needs Education Help Center, you can download my exact words that work and tweak them for your child.

BONUS #2: IEP Video Vault

Search the Video Vault at anytime to get answers to your IEP questions, including goal writing, inclusion, therapy services and more.  Past monthly classes are also part of the IEP Video Vault!

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO Q&A for Members Only! Join & Watch Now...

See What Other Parents Have to Say about The Special Needs Education Help Center:
“I feel this amazing sense of empowerment having you in my corner. I’m kicking myself for bit doing this sooner, but I’m absorbing as much as I can!!!” – Karen

"The team is listening to me thank to the help you gave in the online group. Everyone is working together and best of all, my child is being put first." -Cindy

“Want to share an outstanding advocates information. If you EVER need or even think you need help, some guidance or an advocate that really understands the special needs community I highly recommend Catherine Whitcher. Even though we live in an outstanding school district and have had little no issues with getting ANYTHING our son needs, we joined. Catherine and her years of experience are a wealth of knowledge that we can all use at one time or another. Sometimes it’s just really nice to have a little “help” in your back pocket heading into an IEP meeting. Catherine helps and guides families ALL over the country. LOVE her special education help. -Debbie

“Packing a backpack for Nate to start his new school tomorrow. Looking forward to him being educated in a creative and calm environment. Thanks, Catherine Whitcher.” -Tina

“My advice to anyone who is to never participate in an IEP or special education discussion without you on their team. EVER….” -Vicky  

Monthly IEP Class Schedule: EVERYTHING is recorded for you to access at anytime, in case you can't attend the LIVE videos.

May 2017 Help Center Class/Schedule
  • May 3rd: End of the Year IEP Advocacy Checklist with Video
  • May 10th & 17th: Q&A Day
  • May 22nd: LIVE IEP WEBINAR, Hot Topics include ESY & Placement


  • All members of the Help Center will have the opportunity to see the inside of a Child Centered, Strength Based IEP meeting.  See the details of what happens inside and IEP that works!
Who should join The Special Needs Education Help Center?
  • Parents who need to know what to say to the IEP team to get them to listen
  • Parents who need their children to learn more
  • Parents who are tired of the school having low expectations of their child
  • Parents who are being ignored by their IEP team
  • Parents who have questions about data, progress, curriculum, placement, therapies, transition, testing, goal writing and more…
  • Parents who want the best of the best ideas and resources to help their child learn

Join the Special Needs Education Help Center Today and Get Instant Access to the Special Education Help You Need!

All Access to Special Needs Education Help for only $27 month to month membership

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