Special Needs Education Help Center for Parents

Dear Parents, 

I've been an IEP advocate for over 20 years.  As a certified Special Education teacher and a special needs sibling (my brother has Down syndrome), I was determined to change the world from the inside of my classroom. Instead I taught by day and I coached parents at night on how to work with their IEP team to get MORE for their child with LESS conflict.  As a teacher, I broke all the rules. I told you, the parent, what your child needed and how to get it from "the system". I learned how to do all of this without hurting teachers and staff... remember, I was the teacher! I soon decided to work full time on the outside of the system, building IEPs and putting children first in their education working for both parents and schools as an IEP Mentor & Advocate. It's not always easy, but it doesn't have to be as hard as others make it out to be. 

I can't wait to work with you inside the IEP Help Center! I'll give you the words, advocacy letters, and action steps you NEED to build your child a better education without causing unnecessary conflict with the school.  

When you join the IEP Help Center you will get the exact materials I've been using for OVER 20 years with parents and schools.

See you inside the Help Center (which yes, is 100% online, which means you can get IEP help while you are waiting in your child's therapy office or in your pj's at home). 

With Hope & Determination Always,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

Who Should Join the Online Special Education Help Center:

1. Parents who are tired of making IEP decisions alone
2. Parents who want more communication with the school
3. Parents who want the IEP team to really "get" your child
4. Parents who are frustrated with the school system
5. Parents who want to double check they are getting everything possible

EVERY MONTH You Will Receive:

1. A webinar, including Q&A, on the most important topics in Special Education. Hot topics include - Inclusion, Goals, Therapies, Tracking Progress, What to do when things go wrong

2. Weekly Q&A. You ask anything, I'll give you the information you need to help your child.

3. Checklists and Action Steps to improve your child's education and make sure that everything that should be happening, IS happening.

4. Recordings: Everything is recorded as we go, which means you will NEVER miss anything. You can watch, learn and ask questions when it fits YOUR schedule. 

BONUS #1: You will have immediate access to over 20 hours of advocacy videos! These easy access videos let you watch from your phone and learn quickly on the topics you need most. Inclusion, school to home communication plans, how to write an advocacy letter, what to do when you child is doing well and what to do if things are not going how they should be. It's all included! 

BONUS #2: OVER $250 in Advocacy Classes Included for you to access NOW!  ALL of these classes are for YOU to access as a member of the Help Center!

  • Inclusion Strategies that Work for Parents & Professionals
  • IEP Goal Writing for Parents 
  • IEP Advocacy for the ENTIRE IEP TEAM 
  • IEP Boot Camp 

JUST ADDED! BONUS #3:  Two LIVE Coffee Talks EVERY MONTH inside of our PRIVATE Facebook group! We will hit our hot topics of the month, answer your questions and of course, it will be recorded for you to watch later, if you can't attend live. 

IMPORTANT: All advocacy help is given ONLY by Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed. This is NOT a parent support group. This is your opportunity to hire Catherine without having to reserve 1:1 time. Whether you are joining for one month to get a few questions answered or you stay for many months (most parents do!), you'll have direct access to Catherine in a group setting. 

What Parents Are Saying About the Online IEP Help Center

“I feel this amazing sense of empowerment having you in my corner. I’m kicking myself for bit doing this sooner, but I’m absorbing as much as I can!!!” – Karen


"The team is listening to me thank to the help you gave in the online group. Everyone on my child's IEP team is working together and best of all, my child is being put first." -Cindy


“Want to share an outstanding advocates information. If you EVER need or even think you need help, some guidance or an advocate that really understands the special needs community I highly recommend Catherine Whitcher. Even though we live in an outstanding school district and have had little no issues with getting ANYTHING our son needs, we joined. Catherine and her years of experience are a wealth of knowledge that we can all use at one time or another. Sometimes it’s just really nice to have a little “help” in your back pocket heading into an IEP meeting. Catherine helps and guides families ALL over the country. LOVE her special education help. -Debbie


“Packing a backpack for Nate to start his new school tomorrow. Looking forward to him being educated in a creative and calm environment. Thanks, Catherine Whitcher.” -Tina


“My advice to anyone who is to never participate in an IEP or special education discussion without you on their team. EVER….” -Vicky