Success Stories

Hi Catherine! I just wanted to give you a little update on Nicholas and thank you for ALL of your help. We greatly appreciate you for helping us place Nicholas at a private Autism School.
Nicholas has only been at his new school 2 weeks and he's already doing SO many new things. Tonight while he was taking a bath, he sat and spelled words, while he "wrote" the letters in the water (cat, dog, cow, pig, mouse, rabbit & car). Something he hasn't done before. They are working on actual academic goals like reading small words, simple addition & money!
He's happy to go to school each morning and asks about it on the weekends. It's such a good feeling to not have to literally drag him into the school building kicking & screaming.
His daily reports home are filled with positive things he has done and enjoyed throughout the day instead of being filled with all the things he did wrong or all the times he did not "comply" with the teachers expectations.
I am SO VERY thankful that we finally seem to have him placed at a school that supports him, understands him and is actually TEACHING him!
❤️??? Nicole, Mom of awesome son with ASD

“Catherine Whitcher was nothing short of amazing this afternoon at our TACA Seminar in Crystal Lake. Parents who enlisted in her IEP Bootcamp today walked out of the seminar feeling a new sense of energy, clarity and empowerment! What a great afternoon!” – TACA, Crystal Lake Coordinator
“Dear Catherine, I am so happy the team is working together and really focused on implementing inclusion properly. We couldn’t have done any of this without you. I am very relieved ” -Saadia

"I felt so in charge yesterday while challenging the school.  Even if it was over something extremely minor.  I was yelled at, lectured, and made to cry, but I taught them something about my son.  I am in charge of my son’s education (including his recess)!  Compromise and full disclosure of info will be the name of my game.  Thank you for teaching me!"  - Mom of Elementary Student and IEP Bootcamp attendee  

A School Therapist Attends IEP Bootcamp = Success!

I had to write to you about your class in Manhattan last weekend. I was there to learn more for all of my EI families. Education is key to helping them get what their children deserve. I learned a lot from you for my own child in speech but more importantly for my EI families. I am one of the most out spoken therapists at IEPs when things don’t go the way it should. But I can’t sit back and let these kids not get what they need. I’m sure Joliet and my own district do not like me much but I have helped parents fight for what the children need and have won after many fights. I want to become you :) Your class gave me the next step to continue to help. I am so grateful that you are available to help families. I set up a class a few years ago through the state like yours sponsored by a special needs lawyer. She was great but never picked up the phone when I referred families to her. I am so happy I have a new person to send them to. Thanks for all you do!!! -Valerie

  Mom Finds Success Advocating for her Daughter’s 504 Plan Hi Catherine,
Thank you so much for helping me..
We saw (my daughter’s) psychiatrist on Monday and I told him what we’re doing and he asked for your name and number for his file so I gave it to him.
He also wanted me to ask if he can use you as a referral to his patients as he can’t find an advocate that is good. and after reading your letter he loved it.
Thank you look forward to hearing from you,