ONLINE CLASS: IEP Goal Writing for Parents
Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

ONLINE CLASS: IEP Goal Writing for Parents

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Perfect class for Special Needs Parents who need to KNOW WHAT GOALS go into YOUR Child's IEP and HOW to Get the IEP Team to Write GREAT IEP Goals for YOUR Child.

Dear Special Needs Parents,

Let's just face it... the IEP process can be draining and take away the joy of watching your child learn. It's time to forget about all of the ridiculous rules that schools tell you about what they can and cannot put in your child's IEP goals.

You are the only team member who knows what your child really needs and most of the time the school just doesn't "get it".  20 years ago I finished my special education teaching degrees and was going to change the world from the inside of my classroom. 

I taught for a few years, but instead of following all the rules, I broke the rules! I taught by day and coached parents at night. I knew, from having brother with Down syndrome, what was needed for long term success for a child and I was determined to help parents get it.  No matter what the school rules were.

So here I am 20 years later, still pushing the limits and finding creative solutions that every child needs.  Because I worked on the "inside" I completely respect that each IEP team member has their area of expertise and they show up each day to work in a broken system.  By focusing on your child and your child's needs, we can get your child better IEP goals without throwing anyone under bus.

In this online class, I'll teach you how to put your child first when it comes to IEP goals and show you real IEP examples from my own clients.  There are so many details that can be put into your child's IEP, even if the team has said no in the past.

Once you register for this class, you can watch the class anywhere at anytime.  All the bonuses are available immediately too!  You get to keep this class forever and use it as much as you need to when it's IEP time.

Remember, the school system is broken, but your child's education doesn't have to be.

With Hope & Determination,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

IEP Goal Writing for Parents: Learn What Goals Your Child Needs to Be Successful in School and Life!

During this class, Special Needs Parents Will Learn:

  • The Purpose of Your Child's IEP, It's Not What You Think! - When you understand this piece, your advocacy skills will drastically improve, FOREVER!

  • How to Build a Long Term Vision for Your Child that Makes Sense to the School Team

  • How to Decide Good Goals vs Bad Goals

  • Know When to Give Up on a Goal and When to Stick it Out

  • Get Teachers to Listen to What Your Child Needs

  • Learn How to Push Your Child to Learn More WITHOUT causing MORE MELTDOWNS!

When you register you will also receive:

  • Bonus Q&A Video: This bonus video answers questions from parents just like you.  You'll hear exactly how to put the information from the class into action for your child.

  • Advocacy Letters & Emails that you can cut & paste to use for YOUR child! These are the same letters and emails I've been using for 20 years, with my private IEP clients, they work!

  • A list of what to say when the team says "no" when you ask for changes to your child's IEP

WHO Should Take This Class:

  • Parents who need to build their advocacy skills and relieve anxiety about what to ask for in their child's education.
  • Parents who are confident in advocating for their child, but need to know what to ask for.
  • Parents who have an advocate, but want to sharpen their knowledge and skill so they can make the best use of their advocate's time.
  • Parents who do not have the resources to have a full time advocate or to leave the house and attend workshops in their community.
  Your Advocate: Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed has been a special education advocate for 20 years! After experiencing the broken system from the inside as a special education teacher, Catherine started working for YOU the parent and never looked back.  She has a sibling with Down syndrome and understands both the short and long term needs for your child from all points of view. Note: You can watch this class from ANYWHERE, on your computer, tablet or phone.

Instant Access to All Class Webinars, Videos, Checklists & Bonuses

-IEP Goal Writing for Parents Class (1 Hour Recorded Webinar)

-Parent Q&A Video (30 minutes)

-BONUS! Advocacy Letters, Emails & What to Say Checklist

What Parents are Saying: "I was able to use this class information in my last two IEP meetings! I will now be able to sit down and look at all the data at progress report times for both boys among many other things!" "I'm so glad I took this class. I had no idea how to change my child's IEP goals. I thought the team should know what my child should be learning and now I know what I need to bring to the table."
"This class has forever changed my child's education and their future."
"I have so much work to do for my child's IEP, but this class just broke it down for me.  The next steps are easier than I thought and I won't even have to cause a fight with the school." 14064187_1725609987689472_5708740152833621413_n  

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