IEP Meeting Attendance by Phone
Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

IEP Meeting Attendance by Phone

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Dear Parent,

I look forward to attending your IEP meeting by phone! If you've reached this page, you and I have talked by email/phone and I've sent you this link. We've probably already had one phone consult and you're ready to work together to take your child's IEP to the next level. 

Included in Meeting Attendance:

  • Pre-meeting file review - I'll email you what to send me
  • Pre-meeting phone consult- 30 minutes
  • Pre-meeting advocacy letter/meeting agenda written for you (if needed)
  • IEP meeting attendance by phone
  • Post meeting debrief by phone-30 minutes
  • Post meeting advocacy letter (if needed)

If you would like additional time before/after the meeting, you can reserve an additional consult anytime here. 

If you stumbled upon this page and you did not receive this link directly... please start HERE with a 1:1 consult before reserving IEP meeting support. 

I look forward to working with you! You'll receive an email from me within 2 business days to set up our pre-meeting advocacy steps.