ONLINE CLASS: Work at Home Strategies for Special Needs Parents ONLY
Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

ONLINE CLASS: Work at Home Strategies for Special Needs Parents ONLY

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Dear Special Needs Parent,

I get it.  Your job as a special needs mom or dad is FULL TIME, but you need to figure out a way to contribute to the family income.  I've been running my own businesses for 20 years.  You probably know me as an IEP advocate, that has been my LOVE for decades, but when my daughter was suffering from severe Epilepsy, I couldn't attend IEP meetings with my clients.  I had my handful of clients that I advocated for, but I couldn't get out of the house. I was stuck.

I tried Direct Sales and I was successful... in fact, I built my direct sales income with the laptop I bought (that I couldn't afford) and I used email only (because I couldn't call people at 10p.m. when I was awake, but everyone else was sleeping).  Don't worry, if you don't like direct sales, you don't have to. I'm going to help you figure out how to get your business going whether it's direct sales or your own passion that you just haven't figured how to earn money with.

When I was looking to add income to our family, it wasn't about becoming wealthy or financially free. It was about earning an extra $500 per month to be able to buy groceries without penny pinching or pay for the chiropractic care that was helping my daughter. 

I've had many moms and dads ask me how I work from home and balance it all (um, there is no such thing as balance). 

Since learning how to work from home and run two businesses (one that required me to go out of the house and one that I could stay home), I've been able to make it through a divorce and still be able to provide for my kids.  Best of all, I've been able to continue to follow my passion and serve the special needs community.

If you're a special needs parent, YOU ARE AN EXPERT.  You might not even know how to make your expertise into extra income, but together we will walk through how to make it happen. 

In our 4 week class, you will learn:


  • 3 Business Ideas you've never thought of, but are qualified for
  • What free tools you need to start using now
  • How to start building your business even before you figure it all out


  • What goals should you be setting that will actually make money
  • How to set a budget to run your business when you have no money
  • Social Media strategies that don't involve your family and friends


  • Business Time Management for the REAL LIFE of a special needs parent
  • Get the right customers and clients so your business doesn't drain you


  • How to build an email list without standing at vendor fairs or spamming
  • What to say in your emails to build your business income

IMPORTANT: This class is not to help you get rich quick.  Our focus will be on helping you make the extra $500-$1000 a month that you need for your groceries, your child's therapies or getting a dependable car.  I'll teach you how to really make it happen around what your day looks like while being a special needs mom.  I can't guarantee what your income outcome will be, but I will teach you what I KNOW works when you're willing to do the work.  

Our 4 week class is recorded so you can learn at your own pace.  You'll receive 4 complete video lessons, worksheets to help you move through the lesson and 4 BONUS Q&A videos answering the most asked questions from parents jut like you.  

This is a hands on class... in other words, don't expect to sit back and learn, but not take action.  Remember... I'm a certified teacher and an expert at writing IEP goals...which means I have lesson plans and homework to help you stay on track, on YOUR schedule! Helping you stay accountable is key... I know how easy it is to get sidetracked as a special needs parent!

Whether you are in direct sales and need to get your business off the ground, love to craft or have many passions, but don't know what to do with them to help your family earn income... I can't wait to help you stop struggling in 2017!

With Hope & Determination,

Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed

**BONUS** When you purchase your Work At Home Strategy Class, you will receive an EXCLUSIVE INVITE to join Catherine Whitcher, M.Ed in a PRIVATE Facebook group for ongoing support, the latest work at home tools, and you will get your work at home questions answered.  Everything from budgeting, to social media, to positioning your skills to make money from home will be covered.  Enrollment in this private business & lifestyle coaching group is LIMITED to those who purchase the class.  For a limited time, LIVE support is ONLY $10 per month.  (Link to enroll will be sent to you after your purchase of the class.) 

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